I signed up with SAI security system 4 years ago that was bought out by Castle Rock Security. My experience was HORRIBLE from the get-go.

A person showed up at my door and talked me into changing from a company who gave me GREAT service, offering to add to my system a window break and fire alarm. I signed a 3 year contract. The alarm went off soon after when a person tried to disconnect it via the outside of the back door setting off my tamper alarm. The security company never called stating it was ONLY a tamper alarm.

I had to explain my sensor is on the OUTSIDE of the door and if its tampered with SOMEONE IS TRYING TO DISCONNECT IT! They said they could come out and fix it... for an additional fee. Since I was in a 3 year contract, I had no choice.

Soon after that, my fire alarm went off when my kids were cooking. They called the house 20 MINUTES LATER to see if all was ok. My daughter said good thing, because in 20 minutes we would have been DEAD! I had friends stop by accidently setting it off and talked the alarm company out of calling the police even though they did not know the code or the password.

And the FINAL STRAW was almost 4 years into my contract, i had someone try to kick in my front door at 4 pm in the afternoon while my children were home alone! The door frame was broken apart, seperated from the wood, the door was 3/4 of the way open when something scared them away. Thank God! Because the ALARM HADNT GONE OFF YET!

NEITHER DID THE BREAK ALARM that should have given the noise it would take to kick in a metal door. When I found a new alarm company and cancelled they said my 3 year contract had AUTOMATICALLY renewed and I was 4 months short so even though they are not providing alarm services, they will continue to charge me for another 4 months! I complained to both them and the better business bureau as they had also agreed and FAILED TO PROVIDE security services for pretty much ALL of the 4 years... but their answer to the better business bureau was TOO BAD because I was under a contract and they were within their rights...

so here I go. I will put my story out there to EVERY public source I can!!!!! IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR FAMILY SAFE, DO NOT USE CASTLE ROCK SECURITY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will estimate my loss at $50 per month for 4 years!

4 years they failed to protect my family!But the part that really makes me angry is the charging me after I cancelled! I attached a picture of my broken door that did not set the alarm off!

Monetary Loss: $2400.

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I had the same experience. I wanted to cancel and my 3 years was up.

I came to find out that there is a clause in the contract that says you must cancel in writing a month before renewal. So, it was renewed automatically and I was stuck. I made sure to send a notarized cancellation letter to them the next year. I also got in touch with the Attorney General's Office in Ohio and I made sure the people at Castel Rock were made aware of that.

I requested in writing before that due date that they send me a letter stating that our contract was over.

This practice stinks. The moral is read the contract before you sign it no matter how small the print is.

Florida City, Florida, United States #676655

Castlerock is No Good. The Better Business Bureau has several complaints, and here is mine.

They are Trying to get me to pay them for an extra year when i never contracted with them to begin with. They bought my contract from the company i signed with.

I plan to fight this. I moved from my home 2 yrs ago and they are still billing me!

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